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What your admin panel tells us about your company

Posted Friday 29th of May

One of the first things I do when I join a new project is checking out the admin panel, that's even before I see a single line of code. Why? It tells us so much about the company and the mindset of the project.


The economics of clean code

Posted Friday 7th of February

Clean code makes projects more comfortable to work with and improves shelf life. Its the antagonist of vile legacy codebases that are unmaintainable. Then why do we see it all the time?


What is a binary tree and why would I ever want to reverse it

Posted Thursday 9th of May

So what are these binary trees and why is it so critical that you know how to inverse them? Lets find out.


The simple class

Posted Wednesday 3rd of April

A value object is a small class that holds a value with a tiny bit of extra logic surrounding it. Sounds simple enough right?


A love letter to legacy projects

Posted Thursday 13th of December

Controllers of more than a thousand lines, PHP that injects jQuery in the views, raw SQL statements that could challenge a Dostoyevsky novel in size. This Monday is going to need a ton of coffee.


The Integration Operation Segregation Principle

Posted Monday 8th of October

Not so long in a conversation the words “Integration Operation Segregation Principle” casually got dropped by Pim. What the hell is IOSP?


What performance tricks actually work

Posted Tuesday 24th of July

We've all been there before, you submit a pull request and moments later you get a comment like: ''Hey you should use a native function here, they are so much faster'' or ''You can declare this final, that way we save some processing power''


Atomic commits: Telling stories with Git

Posted Thursday 7th of December

These days I’m all into atomic commits and it really made my work beter. Never heard of that concept? No worries, let me introduce you to it


Connect microservices with the help of GRPC

Posted Monday 24th of July

Microservices can solve a lot of architectural problems, and sometimes create a few fun new ones. A big problem however is connecting these services to each other.Can GRPC lend a hand here?


The Y2k38 Bug: The biggest news craze of the year 2038

Posted Sunday 2nd of July

In 2038 a bug that will apear that might trigger a strong feeling of déjàvu to the Y2k craze. The Y2k38 bug seems to come at a very random moment, but it all makes sense if we apply a bit of computer science to it.


The broken windows theory or “Why some projects are just destined to suck

Posted Monday 12th of June

Why is it that most legacy software projects are not really fun to work on? How can we stop that greenfield project to turn into one of those dull big projects? I would argue that it’s all in the foundation.


What the hell are Generics and would I want them in PHP?

Posted Wednesday 31st of May

So everyone is talking about this hip “new” kid on the block for PHP: Generics. The RFC is on the table and a lot of people are getting all excited about it, but you don’t fully see the excitement? Let’s explore what it’s all about!


How we improved our PWA score by 53 points in 4 hours

Posted Monday 13th of March

After a recent burst of inspiration at PHPUK Sam and I ran an experiment to see how much we could improve our company site in just 4 hours. Turns out it was far easier than we expected


On how to implement a code of conduct

Posted Friday 29th of January

We shall not be discussing the ethics or possible political impact this brings with it. We will however propose a starting point on **how** to implement them.


A bird's eye view on API development

Posted Monday 16th of November

So you want to build a web API. You have to start somewhere, why not here